Tuesday, September 24, 2013

WOW can you say forever!!! Lots of changes and exciting things have been Happening!!!

It has been quite a while since our last post but that doesn't mean we aren't out there moving and shaking...

We have been SO busy we haven't had time to post!!!!  We have been spinning around and around working on so many great projects.

So here is a little update...
Our Facebook page is a HUGE part of our business now!! It is a great way to see what we are doing and keep up with us.  Check it out and look for our events and new items for sale.

We are also now open in the Antique Company Mall in downtown McKinney, Texas!! It is a great mall and we have a fantastic booth in the back of the front section. As you enter the mall head to the left and straight down past the cashier's booth toward the back wall. If you come to the stairs up to the loft of the building and the bathroom... you have passed our booth. Check them out on Facebook too. 
We have also just wrapped up our 2nd Horse Flea- Market! It is a fantastic quarterly show in Petty Texas 9 miles West of Paris. It is a fun event and a great chance to get out and shop for those fantastic home made, vintage, and antique items. 

We love Kevin and Cole and it is a great event. The next one is scheduled for December!! Check them out and mark your calendar!!!!

We have so many new and exciting items. Here is a snapshot or two from our last few shows.
We love vintage cameras!!

This is a great shot from the Horse Flea!

Are you a Facebook fan? We offer special discounts for our fans from time to time!

Isn't this piece gorgeous!?

Some great Industrial pieces!

We are falling in love with fall!

Great Vintage Italian Wine Bottles, Soda Crates, and Vintage Lighting!

It is that time of year!!

Boo!! $65

Fall is in the air and we have some
great new Halloween and Fall wreaths available.

Halloween Balls $65

Cats, Bats, and Spiders oh My! $55

Arachnophobia $55.
Accident Prone Witch $55

Candy Corn Dreams $45

Witches Britches $65

We also have many College and other Sports Teams wreaths available!! Contact us to order yours today.

Email us!! and remember to like us on Facebook!

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